Friday 8 September 2006

thank you

When Jack was born and I was feeling miserable in hospital, Paul printed up the 40+ comments that people left on this blog and brought them to me. Reading through the 40+ comments you've left for me this week has lifted my spirits once again. To know that friends, family, and people who only know me by the words I type care enough to leave a word of kindness and keep us in their thoughts has helped enormously. For all the emails, cards, flowers, phone calls, and the enormous box of chocolates (I love my girls), thank you. The hole in our hearts is getting a little bit smaller.

I'm grateful for our beautiful son and for my husband who has made me feel more loved than I thought possible. I'm grateful that I've got a furry black dog who thinks I'm the greatest thing since rawhide chews.

Talk of trashy television, cookery, strange things that people have knit and other such sundries will return shortly. It needs to, for my own sanity.

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