Thursday 28 September 2006


I am proud of...
  • Finishing the knitting on time (the second project I've ever done!) for Caroline's beautiful girl Emily.

    And here it is in action!

  • My little boy for spouting out new words every day and learning how to turn doorknobs (actually, not sure if "proud" is the right word for that one - "worried" maybe.)
  • My husband for mapping out the closest Starbucks, Burger King, Outback, and Denny's on his fancy pants phone/GPS thingy for our trip to California.
  • My dog for not hating me after I accidentally locked him in the backyard until I came home for lunch the other day, because I thought Paul had let him back in the kitchen before we left. I'm amazed he hasn't run away to the animal shelter down the road yet.
  • Me for not completely losing my marbles and hope after what we've been through.

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