Thursday 28 September 2006


So last night, I got caught up on some television progammes that have been sitting on Sky+ for a while. This meant that I watched the final three episodes of "Lost" back to back - while our Sky+ box decided that it would be hilarious to malfunction only during these episodes. Every minute or so, the sound would jump, either missing bits completely or getting out of synch with the image. It was like watching a badly dubbed film that had been edited using a blunt butter knife and duct tape. For three hours, I tried to decipher plot twists and key pieces of dialogue with snippets like this: "Who are you people?!" "We're the...frn...blrp...ack...urd." I had to scrape my brain off the ceiling by the end of it, and I'm still feeling a bit woozy today.

Seriously, my aging organs can't take this sort of stress.

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