Friday 28 July 2006

it's hard being me

Every Friday at work, we get cakes - and when I say "cakes", I mean an assortment of things ranging from muffins to sausage rolls. Every Friday morning, I try to think about which cake I'd like. Do I want something sweet today? Savoury? A spinach pastry thingy or a croissant? Pain au chocolat or half a Cornish pasty? I try to decide before the cakes arrive because a) I will be able to make a beeline right for the cake box and nab the one I want before some other person takes the last one (this is especially important this time of year when we have hungry student interns) and b) it makes me feel like a dork when I stand there not knowing what to have. My brain locks up and I cannot decide what I want, leading to great confusion and the possibility that I'll grab some random cake, and it'll end up being one of those godawful rum balls.

Crap. The cakes are here.

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