Sunday 16 July 2006


This year, I decided to grow vegetables. This is no mean feat; I've never attempted to grow anything edible before. Well, unless you count herbs - dead herbs, at that. As some of you may remember, I am excellent at killing off most forms of plant life so this gardening attempt is quite harrowing. We've got low fence panels on both sides at the end of our garden, and the veggie patch is visible to the neighbours on both sides. I get regular comments like "Ooh your tomatoes are doing well" and "What are you growing in that pot? Are you sure it's not dead?", and I'm telling you, the pressure is enormous. We've even got duelling vegetables as one of our neighbours is growing runner beans and various other things. I've also got green-thumbed in-laws who have already harvested several cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and potatoes. Me, I was excited by the 23 peas I managed to squeeze out of a dozen petite pois plants a few weeks ago.

So here is our garden as it currently stands, along with my potato harvest so far. Now to be fair, I don't have a greenhouse, I have a tub of potatoes still growing, and I have no bleedin' idea what I'm doing. Just to have green things remaining green and leafy is a huge accomplishment for me. I briefly considered getting chickens, lured by the attraction of fresh eggs at my disposal, but we don't have the space for it and birds scare me.

I grew up in the city. Does it show?

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