Friday 7 July 2006

a good time was had by all, eh?

Some bits from Saturday's Canada Day BBQ festivities. Incidentally, if you ever want to get Sleemans (and other decent Canadian beer) in the UK, you can order it from Beers of Europe. Next day delivery too, which is nice.

The infamous and absolutely brilliant beaver pinata, handcrafted by the lovely Caroline. It made Chris giggle like a loon.

Sugar pie, which is a bit like a treacle tart to you British types. It was met with a similar reaction as my pumpkin pie a few Thanksgivings ago, varying from "Mmm. Interesting" to a small polite bite and leaving the rest on the plate to "Oh my god, that is amazing" from a couple of people. Maybe it was just Paul and I with the latter reaction, come to think of it. I keep forgetting how sweet the North American palette is compared to the English, and this pie was not for the fainthearted.

And here's proof that my son is indeed half Canadian. Obviously if he was fully Canadian, he wouldn't have gone for the Stella.

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