Thursday 6 July 2006

for pete's sake

It is with heavy heart that I announce the departure of my esteemed colleague Pete (don't worry, he hasn't dropped dead; he just finished working here). I have many fond memories of Pete, some of which appeared on this site over the years. For example:
Yesterday, a workmate (we'll call him "Pete") grabbed hold of another (female) workmate's PC and sent a message simply stating "I love you" - to another female workmate. So in keeping with that theme, I suggested that Pete send "I love you" messages to random people today. So far, he's sent love-themed emails to three men: two of whom have responded (one rather gracefully), and the third has yet to reply.

This is latest one Pete sent:
"What part of South Africa is it you come from? Jo'burg? Don't you think the sunrises there are wonderfully romantic? Just makes you want to snuggle up with someone on top of some hill and just watch it come up...I'm so bored down here... I'd love some company from a South African."

Pete has created some sort of Turner Prize award winning sculpture in our room. It really does defy description - needless to say, it involves office furniture in a creative arrangement. It's sort of like that scene in "Poltergeist" when the mother turns her back for a second, turns back round, and her kitchen table and chairs have been stacked in a bizarre formation...except Pete took a few minutes to do this and we were all watching him. "Polterpete"? "Petergeist"?

It's a sad, sad loss for Citrix. The sane/insane scale has now tipped ever so slighty to the "sane" side, which brings me great sorrow. Pete, you will never be forotten. We wish you the best of luck in your new career as a rodeo clown at the Calgary Stampede. Bon voyage, mon ami!

(So gutted about leaving us that he showed up in his pyjamas on his last day. Poor lad.)

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