Wednesday 28 June 2006

release the moose

It's that time of year again - our annual Canada Day BBQ is on Saturday and I need your help. I have compiled a collection of fine Canadian music, but more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The rules:
1. I will not, under any circumstances, not even after 12 bottles of Sleemans, include songs by Celine or Avril.
2. The songs must be available via iTunes' crappy-ass selection of Canadiana. I suspect song availability is regional, so I'm limited to more "popular" Canadian music available in the UK (e.g. I can't download Mitsou, and I'm very upset about this.)
3. Feel free to send songs to me via email. I'll try to find an imaginative way to express my appreciation. Please note this expression will not involve the covering of any body part with maple syrup.

Here is the current playlist:

I love you, I kiss you.

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