Wednesday 21 June 2006

happy, happy, happy, happy pox

Apparently, the chicken pox are a laugh riot. Jack woke up giggling this morning and was happy as a clam all day yesterday. He slept a lot yesterday afternoon (3 hours!) and slept through the night until 7 this morning. He hasn't hit the itchy stage yet, at which point I expect the happy mood to swiftly depart. He's covered in red spots and isn't fond of clothes at the moment, so he's been running around in a nappy. It's both cute and pitiful at the same time, especially when his nappy gets that "full of wee droop". I'm armed with Calpol (infant Tylenol) and calomine lotion, and friends have recommended lukewarm bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) baths and children's Piritin (an antihistamine). I've received phone calls from my mummy friends asking to come over for a chicken pox party. Seriously, if my in-laws weren't arriving tonight to lend a hand, I would have organised a pox party complete with cakes and cookies. It's no fun when you can't really go anywhere (except to other mummy friends' houses or the park) but your child is raring to go as normal.

Jack's latest talent is mimicking me while I'm on the phone. I sometimes give him my mobile to play with (with the keys locked - I don't want to find charges for 2 hour phone calls to Namibia on my next bill, thanks) and if someone calls while he's got the mobile, he'll hold it up to his ear and go "Blah blah blah, hahahaha!" It's pretty difficult to have a serious conversation when your child is making you giggle like a loon. "No no, I'm not laughing at you, it's just that BWAAAHAHAHA!"

It's all a bunch of laughs around here, I tell you.

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