Thursday 25 March 2010

meet the flintstones

The power went out this morning. I said, "I'll do some sewing", which would have been a grand idea if my sewing machine had a battery back up. Ah. Yes. "I wish we had a stovetop kettle" I sighed, before realising several minutes later that a pot with water in it would do precisely the same thing. Then I remembered my beloved Bialetti espresso maker - I could make coffee! Except that I buy my beans whole and grind them in an electric mill.

THIS is what modern living has done to the human brain, people. No wonder the world's in such a state.


Mum said...

digging the new style UI.

laputain said...

i can't use my sewing machine either as i appear to have lost the power-supply/foot pedal. bother.

Anonymous said...

I can't use mine because I sold it. Ho hum.