Monday 29 December 2008

a little more good stuff

Forgot to mention that I asked The Mysterious Mr Lim (some readers may remember him from my adventures in hospital before the birth of Jack) if he could see the position of my placenta at the NT scan. I'm pleased to say that it's posterior, which hopefully means no back labour this time (because man, that SUCKED) and no worries about the placenta growing into my scar. Yippie! Also, he let us hear the heartbeat during the scan, which is the first time I've heard my baby's heartbeat on anything other than a Sonicaid antenatally. It was so much clearer and very, very cool indeed.

I told Mia today that I have a baby in my belly. She looked at me like this:


and kept pointing at my belly. I said "Baby!" each time and without fail, I got that look.

I kinda know how she feels, frankly.

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