Saturday 27 December 2008

fresh air

It's so nice to be out of the pregnancy closet. Now people will understand why I've been moody, confused, and increasingly rotund. They probably suspected pregnancy or early menopause anyway, but there you go. I "popped" big time, pretty much as soon as I hit 12 weeks. It's like my uterus not only found its way above my pubic bone, it moved into a spacious penthouse just above my bellybutton. I am mother, see me waddle.

Hey, did I mention that I've given away every stitch of Jack and Mia's baby clothing (apart from a few very special pieces)? I have no girl clothes prior to 9 months, and no boy clothes prior to one year. Mmmyes. Thankfully, I'm still fully stocked in terms of baby equipment (co-sleeper, slings, toys, etc.) but severely lacking in the clothing department. Which is probably a good thing for all those people wondering what the hell you get someone who is not only having a third child, but already has one of each sex.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my two week Festival of Eating Everything Because I'm Pregnant. (Healthy eating and possible extra movement maybe involving yoga and other such delicate lady exercises to commence after the holidays.)

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