Wednesday 12 December 2007


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Hey, look! I baked! I dunno what "authenic" Stollen is supposed to taste like, but I love it. It's soft, moist with fruit, with just a hint of almondy marzipan. It reminds me of a panettone in that it's a fruited bread, but the marzipan and alcohol give it more depth.

As for keeping it for two weeks, it's not a necessity but supposedly it does improve its flavour (a bit like some fruitcakes), and I wanted to make something ahead of the Christmas chaos. The recommendation is to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and tin foil, and store it somewhere cool. Mine are currently sitting in the garage. I think I might stash one loaf in the freezer and bring it along to our family 'do (i.e. transport it frozen), just to see how it differs.

I had a slice once it had cooled, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I loathe fruitcake and Paul can't stand marzipan, but we both loved this bread. I'm so relieved!

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