Friday 14 December 2007

must be a slow day in montreal

Apparently this made the front page of the Montreal Gazette newspaper today:
The much-maligned Facebook "is" is no more.

Those two little letters have long been the bane of Facebook users, who have, until now, been forced to issue their "status updates" using a mandatory "is" - i.e., "Basem Boshra is (insert mood or activity or non sequitur here)."

In fact, the "is" has led to some of the more awkward sentences you're likely to read. For example, instead of writing, say, "Basem Boshra wants ice cream" - which I often do - I'd have to go with something like "Basem Boshra is wanting ice cream." From a status-update perspective, this was both a creative and grammatical straitjacket. [source]

I admit, I was happy to see the demise of "is", but is it front page news?

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