Monday 23 July 2007


Some reflections on second babies and how life has changed with your toddler.

Then: As soon as your child fills his nappy, you diligently replace it with a clean one, anytime day or night.
Now: If your child fills her nappy during the night, you don't bother changing it because a) she's generally pretty happy to sit in her poo and b) you'd rather have an extra 5 minutes of sleep.

Then: You wash and sterilise your baby's dummy if it falls on the floor.
Now: You check to see if anyone's looking, blow on it, wipe it on your shirt, and give put it back in the baby's mouth.

Then: You keep careful track of the frequency and duration of your baby's feeds.
Now: You're pretty sure you fed the baby today. You think. Hmm. Better get a boob out, just in case.

Then: You're adamant about restricting television time to a special treat only and it must be a programme on CBeebies.
Now: You encourage your child to watch Teletubbies and Bear in the Big Blue House because they last 30 minutes, thus allowing you more sleep on the sofa time.

Then: You ensure that your child's food contains no added salt or sugar, and is organic.
Now: Some meals consist entirely of pretzels. And you're okay with that.

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