Tuesday 15 August 2006

krispy krack

I'm fairly certain that Krispy Kreme coats their doughnuts in some sort of highly addictive drug. I went in to said establishment on Sunday to purchase one doughnut and while I was in the queue, a spotty young lad leaned over to me and said "Are you interested?" "Erm...in what?" I asked. "A hot, fresh doughnut - a free taster." He handed me a sticky warm doughnut that went down in three bites, and as I took the last bite, the girl behind the counter asked how many doughnuts I'd like. "Two. No, three! THREE!" I paid for my goods and left feeling a little bit dirty and ashamed.

Now the odd part is, around ten minutes after eating the free doughnut, I was hungry again. Coincidence? I think not.

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