Thursday 4 May 2006

maybe baby

Last night, we talked about a sibling for Jack. We talked about finances, whether we'd keep Jack in nursery after the baby's born, and when we will start "working on" #2. We also talked about the niggling worries that have been swimming around in my head lately, like how to cope with pregnancy woes and discomfort when you've got a toddler and flopping on the sofa isn't an option. In second pregnancies, do you not notice as much about it because you're too busy toddler-wrangling? When the baby arrives, are you able to give child #1 as much attention and devote as much energy to him as you did before? How well do you cope with the physical demands of pregnancy, birth, and sleep deprivation the second time round? Does it get easier? Or is it harder because you've now got two children? Should I do the testing I refused my last pregnancy because I'll be older and higher risk? What if I'm not even fertile anymore because they cut the wrong thing out of me during my c-section or all my eggs have expired? How on earth am I going to lose this last bit of weight before I get pregnant (the ticker only shows my first goal - I really need to lose another stone) when I keep succumbing to the temptations of ice cream?

I need help.

Then again, I feel like it's going to be a breeze compared to the 63-year-old woman who recently got pregnant via IVF. And here I was thinking that I feel a bit tired and lacking energy at 37. Gracious.

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