Friday 10 February 2006

in the car cleaning guy we trust

Our company organised a car cleaning day yesterday with a chap with a van and a very powerful hose of some sort. As I have now reached the age and point in my life where I feel it's my duty to pay others to clean for me, I happily handed over my car keys to a complete stranger. Luckily, the guy did actually clean my car (and very well, I might add) and didn't drive off with it and trade it for crack. My faith in mankind has been restored.

I have a burning question. Do English people normally eat burgers with forks and knives? We went out for a pub lunch with about ten of my colleagues, and most of us had burgers. I noticed halfway through the meal that I was the only heathen chowing down on my burger using my hands. Everyone else ate it open-faced with cutlery. Is this the norm here? I need to know - I've got a citizenship test to take soon, and this might be one of the questions.

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