Monday 6 February 2006

i ain't booking a clown

The wheels are now in motion - Jack's first birthday celebrations (yes, that's plural) are almost upon us and the party planning has commenced. I must big up Tom of Tom's Cakes (Unit 3-4 West Newlands Industrial estate, Somersham PE28 3EB Tel: 01487 842200) once again for providing cakey goodness for us...times two. I was too late to book a specialised cake for the family party on the 18th, but Tom is going to do us a lovely chocolate cake with a Thomas the Tank Engine theme as a favour because he remembers us from our wedding. Fantastic! For Jack's Cheeky Monkeys party with his little mates, I was able to order a special Jack-Jack chocolate cake. That's two chocolate cakes in one week - I'm all aflutter at the thought. Tom makes the most amazing cakes, and furthermore, he's just a really nice guy. Get your cakes from him if you're in the Cambridge/Huntingdon area, or buy something from him at the St Ives and Huntingdon farmer's markets.

I've sorted out Jack's presents, card, loot bags and loot bag contents, decorations for the family party, invites, venue, and now the cakes. All this for a little boy who has no clue what a birthday is, although I'm sure one day he'll look back on this time with great fondness. Since the birthday boy has just woken up and expressed his displeasure at being in a dark room by himself, I'd better skedaddle.

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