Tuesday 14 February 2006

feel the love

I know that Valentine's Day is a load of Hallmark-induced malarky. I know. It still doesn't stop me from feeling giddy when a dozen red roses greet me at the office along with a boatload of chocolate. Maybe I'm deluded, but what's wrong with a tradition that compels us to be romantic? I'm even sharing the love with my workmates (in the form of chocolate) and have had some lovely chats with those who have stopped by my desk. I'm very much looking forward to the fantastic meal Paul will be whipping up for us this evening, and I care not a jot that it will contain double cream.

[Edited to add] In general, North Americans don't necessarily view Valentine's as a holiday for couples only. Parents give children chocolates and cards, kids bake cupcakes with cinnamon hearts on top at school, and classmates give each other little tear-out paper Valentines regardless of whether or not you've got a crush on the person. Maybe we should adopt that attitude here, and that way February 14th wouldn't always be a Day to Make Single People Feel Like Poo.

So I wish all of you a happy Valentine's Day, even if you're feeling ambivalent about the whole thing. Now could somebody please save me from myself and take this chocolate away from me?

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