Wednesday 6 July 2011

lessons i need to learn from my kids

How To Make Your Life More Carefree and Enjoyable, by Jack, Mia, and Isla:
  • It's perfectly okay to dance around in your underwear and in fact, this should be done at least once every single day.
  • No matter how silly anyone else thinks it is, never let anything stop you from laughing. And laughter is best when done with mild hysteria whilst rolling about on the floor.
  • There is no taste combination that is too weird and not worth trying at least once.
  • Bubbles are really, really exciting. Look, bubbles! BUBBLES!!!!
  • All animals must be greeted with a hearty hello, even if you see them from your car.
  • Never let the lack of lyric knowledge prevent you from singing a song. Alternatively, just keep repeating whatever lyrics you do know.
  • Forget Michelin stars - things covered in chocolate, deep-fried, and/or covered in ketchup are where it's at.
  • If you're ever questioned about why you're doing something that someone else may not approve of, answer with: "Because I am." And say it like they're a total idiot for asking.
  • Whenever you're going down a hill in a car, shout out "WHEEEEEEEE!"
  • Cutlery is always optional.
  • It's okay to cry.


Andi's English Attic said...

I whole-heartedly agree with them all except perhaps no.7. Chocolate, yes. Deep fried and ketchup, no.

Bubbles ARE exciting. Our puppy LOVES them.

Your kids have a great philosophy. xx

Mrs Dee said...

No chips and ketchup for you, then? ;) Haha very true, our dog loves bubbles, too! x

Frabjous2001 said...

This was, again, so bight and happy! It's always a pleasure to read about you and your family.