Tuesday 12 May 2009

excessive consumption of whine

First, let me just say that the baby in my pregnancy ticker at the top of this page is mooning us. It must be a boy.

You know how people say that everything happens sooner the more babies you have? It's true. I've now reached the stage where everything annoys me to no end. I expect I'll soon enter the "Muttering to Myself in an Annoyed Fashion Over Things Like the Dishwasher Being Loaded Incorrectly" phase.

These things annoy me:
-people saying how huge I am/gasping in horror when I say I still have two months to go/asking if I was "this big" with Jack and Mia. Stop it. Stop it now.
-being hungry ALL THE TIME. And not having what I want to eat readily available.
-waking up every hour to roll myself over because whatever side I'm lying on has gone numb and/or is painful.
-being at work.
-having arms like a t-rex and not being able to reach anything because my belly's in the way.
-my bellybutton is starting to turn into an outy. That's never happened before. I don't like it; it creeps me out.
-constant Braxton Hicks.
-stupid posts written by stupid people on pregnancy web sites.

I'm starting to freak out a little about having three children, too. Mostly the logistics of it. I'm going to have to do the school run starting in September because Paul will not be able to leave work early enough, and I may have to do this with two other children in tow. The current plan is to greatly reduce Mia's hours at nursery after we're settled into life with a newborn, so I'll likely have her and the baby with me when I go get Jack. That's a lot of child juggling. Thankfully, the school is just a short walk up the road so it's not really that difficult to do...but then it's the thought of having all three kids, on my own, for a few hours a day before Paul gets home. Where am I going to find the energy? I'm old. I don't have much left to give.

But otherwise, everything's peachy, thanks. I'm still feeling a zen-like calm about the birth, and counting the days to maternity leave (8 1/2 more working days.) In the meantime, I just need to chill. And eat an entire cheesecake. That's definitely make me feel better.

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