Tuesday 19 May 2009

bits n' bobs

Had a midwife appointment today with the lovely Jane. I've been feeling pretty rough lately (exhausted, nauseous, dizzy, headachey, and generally very, very crappy) so I'm glad I saw her today. My blood pressure was higher than usual, but not high (120/78, normally 120/70). I had a small trace of glucose in my wee sample today, but she thinks her peesticks are at fault because they might be a little out of date. She's not worried about it at the moment, and will test me again in a week. She took some blood to check iron levels, so I'll get the results tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm taking Floridex to see if that helps with my energy levels (or complete lack of.)

Baby is fine, head down with his/her back to my left side, I'm measuring 2 weeks behind (so pffffffffttttttt to the people who keep commenting about how huge I am!), and the heart rate was 130-136.

Still feeling pretty crappy at the moment, but I'm just about to take a nap. I'm not in the office today, I hasten to add. Mia had a rotten night last night, which I'm sure isn't helping. It was kind of cute - she kept waking up crying and going "Cuddle! Cuddle!" Well, cute up until the 10th time she did it in the span of an hour. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who spent the night in the bed next to her cot so that we could all get a little sleep.

Speaking of which, night night.

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