Tuesday 9 September 2008

clever bunny

I love this age. I remember it with Jack; suddenly there's an explosion of discovery and milestones and they keep on coming. Mia can now point at body parts when asked, although if you ask her "Where's Mia's nose?" she will shove a finger right up there and grin like a loon. She waves hello and goodbye, claps her hands, and points. At everything. She can say dog, mummy/mama, daddy/dada, Jack, nana (for "banana"), dirty (repeating me when I was telling her not to go rummaging through the dirty nappy bag), no, and mine. The other day, Jack went to play with a toy she had and she shouted out "MAMA! NO! MINE!" Ahhh sweet. I can see where this is heading over the next months and years.

She tries to put her own clothes on, and she does have a general idea of where everything goes. If I ask her if she's done eating, she puts her cup on her plate and hands it over to me. She understands "Give Jack/Jasper his toy back", but doesn't always obey. She understands "Go find your toys" and "Let's go up to Mia's room." If she does something naughty like hit Jack, she will go over and give him a hug if you tell her to say sorry. She's growing up fast, my little bunny.

Little green tractor

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