Sunday 13 May 2012

read the fine print

You know when you win an eBay auction for a really cute lobster trap for your (newly) nautical-themed bathroom and you have plans to use it for storage or a bin? And despite having read the dimensions carefully, your brain doesn't fully calculate its actual size until it arrives?

Yeah. That.

So far, I've discovered that it's big enough to hold two tubes of toothpaste.


Anonymous said...

That's the kind of thing I do! I do love it though.

Mrs Dee said...

Haha thanks! So stupid - I saw that it was 13" high in the listing, but somehow thought it would be about 10x bigger. At least it was only £3!

Anonymous said...

It looks bigger than it is because you've positioned it next to small tubes of toothpaste - deceptive! :)

I once bought a star shaped icing nozzle thinking it was a great big one that I could do a sort of rose design on some wedding cupcakes I was doing. Totally misread it... it was the smallest star I've ever seen. I think cost per mm it's probably also the most expensive unused item in my kitchen.

Mrs Dee said...

Ah yes, did that with a fondant rolling pin that ended up being 4" long. :(