Wednesday 25 April 2012


Had one of my sleepless nights last night, and stayed up far too late reading old blog posts. Don't worry, I'm not having some sort of mental breakdown; I was working on the site and couldn't remember when I started blogging (on Blogger. I used to use Notepad and vanilla HTML because I'm hardcore, dudes.) I looked back to the very first post written over 10 years ago, and just kept going.

It's funny because it felt like I was reading someone else's diary. I talked about places I can no longer remember and people I've completely forgotten about. Some names weren't even familiar at all - I think they were other bloggers from many moons ago. What struck me most is how I used to blog. I blogged like no one was watching, which ten years ago was probably the case. I didn't really care if it was mundane or silly (mostly the latter), or how it compared to other blogs and conscious of maintaining some specific level of writing.

It was life before marriage and kids, when Paul and I first started dating and then when we started looking for a house. We went out a lot with friends and together as a couple, I was woken up by kisses instead of an alarm clock, we travelled. Paul cooked for me and we spent lazy days on his sofa in Northampton. I bought my first car. It feels like a lifetime ago, and not entirely my own.

The last post I read before going to bed was about securing our current house. Goodness, look how far we've come. Life changes, we grow up, the daily routine is something else entirely now, but what I want to get back again is the ability to blog like no one's watching. I don't think my life was particularly more exciting then compared to now, but there was a lightness and ease in the way I wrote that makes me think I've become too self-conscious. Self-conscious about what people will think, and about the quality of my writing. It's not really me anymore, and maybe that's why I stopped blogging regularly.

So yeah, I'm back - filling the Internet with drivel like it's 2002!


LisaS said...

I was just talking about this with a friend the other day - blogging before the whole world blogged; before sponsored posts and other such monstrosities; and when everybody knew everybody else :) I don't write any more, either. I remember your wee scooter and when you met Paul! A lifetime ago x

Mrs Dee said...

Yes, I find it's like a contest now to create posts that make you sound like a glossy magazine writer with ultra slick photos to accompany your posts. Ads, sponsored posts, blah blah blah. I'm keepin' it low-fi, man. xx

Suburban Mum said...

We're like an underground blogging society!

Mrs Dee said...

You ain't seen us - right?

sm said...

I'm glad you are back - I hope you really ARE back - I've missed you.

Mrs Dee said...

Thank you, Stephanie. And yes, I'm hoping to blog every day. :)