Friday 20 November 2009

the world must be ending, because i have crafted

So thank the gods that Caroline passed along a Bo Peep costume because what the HELL was I thinking? I never would have had time to make pantaloons, but - and this is the scary part - I did manage to make the hat. Me! I sewed something! Without a pattern! Amazingly, it only went slightly wrong. Hat v. 1 went in the bin because I didn't pull the elastic tight enough. Hat v. 2 is the one in the photo, and I'm so pleased (and astounded) at how well it turned out. It did end up being ever so slightly too small (I had to make it when Mia was in bed, so couldn't do a fitting), but it'll do the job for today. Oh and note to self: do the hem/lace border BEFORE sewing the elastic in next time. You goob.

Jack wore blue to school today for Anti Bullying day. As soon as I told him he could wear something blue, the Ben10 t-shirt appeared with a huge grin. When I told Mia that she was going to wear a costume today, she shouted "YAY! Costume!" She was thrilled to be Little Miss "Muffin".

And so, I have crafted. And no one got hurt. I know; I'm scared, too.

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Mum said...

awww such weee cutie pies :)