Sunday 26 October 2008

not sure if toys r us will carry this

Me: [Holding Mia's toy telephone] I'm talking to Santa Claus. What would you like for Christmas?
Jack: A Spiderman bike! With fire - so it can go REALLY REALLY FAST! Fire coming out of the engine!!
Me: Okaaaay. What if Santa can't build you a fire bike? What else do you want?
Jack: [Puts a finger up to his chin and ponders] Hmmm...I think I need a new pet because Jasper is getting old. I want a black Labrador.
Me: What will you call it?
Jack: Hugo Monkeyhead!! [Bursts into hysterical laughter] Um...Charlotte.
Me: What else would you like?
Jack: A new football game so I can shout out GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!
Me: Right, okay. What should Santa bring for Mia?
Jack: Not a fire bike because she's too little. A regular bike.
Me: And for Daddy?
Jack: A fire bike!
Me: What about Nanna?
Jack: I think she'd like a new toy. I think she'd like...A FIRE BIKE!
Me: And Grandad?
Jack: FIRE BIKE!!!!!!!! [Jumps up and down]
Me: And for me?
Jack: You can have a fire bike, too! A red one!
Me: Okay, Santa - did you get all that? Five fire bikes, a football game, and a new dog.

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