Tuesday 29 July 2008

on the treadmill, everyone can hear you scream

I had the best intentions. I was all set to train, train, train and run that 5k at the beginning of this month. Run it, not half walk/half jog. I went back to the gym and then I stopped. I had no time; my maternity leave was coming to a very hasty end and I didn't want to spend the last remaining moments alongside sweaty people. I wasn't feeling well; it was winter and there were all sorts of nasty bugs afloat. I...um...didn't have anything to wear. I stopped going to the gym for a lot of really, really good reasons. Really.

So I did the 5k, and although I was hugely pleased and relieved to jog most of it, I knew it was time to get my wobbly arse back to the gym. I can't keep calling it "baby weight" forever (or can I?) and the pounds just aren't falling off like all of those breastfeeding infomercials told me it would. Seriously, am I the only woman on the planet who didn't shed weight whilst breastfeeding? How come I didn't end up being one of those "I eat 2 birthday cakes, a box of Krispey Kremes, and a bucket of lard every single day and gosh! I just can't seem to keep the weight ON!" types of breastfeeding mums? It surely can't be because I'm old and eat a lot. No, definitely not. It's obviously genetic.

I've been diligently, albeit not always enthusiastically, working out six days a week for the past three weeks and eating very healthy food. I run 3k during lunchtimes twice a week, hit the gym three times a week for around an hour each session (weights and cardio), do pilates on Friday mornings, and swim with the kids on Sunday mornings. I don't normally count calories because I know what "eating sensibly" means for me, but I did tally some of my menus up just to make sure I was eating enough/not too much. No drinking, no treats, no fun at all for three weeks.

I've lost a grand total of 6 and 3/4 lbs.

What. The. Hell. Yes, yes, I know that the scale isn't the best way to measure fat loss and I will be taking my measurements next week to see if they've changed in the past month, but COME ON! 6 and 3/4 stinking pounds! That's fine if I only had a few to lose, but I've got many to lose. Many, many, many. Whoever's been secretly feeding me chocolate sauce and pork scratchings in my sleep, stop it right now.

Dieting is not for the impatient or for those who love food a little too much. Feh.

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