Monday 1 October 2007

vote now!

Jack and Mia are contenders for Baby of the Month (Toddler, in Jack's case) over on the Bounty site. If they win, they will get a £50 voucher for Boots (pharmacy) which I will put towards exciting things like nappies and Calpol. It's a bit of a hassle because you probably need to register to vote and you can't search for a particular child, but hopefully Jack and Mia's photos will stay on the same pages. At any rate, if you don't mind, please vote for Jack here (first row) and Mia here (third row.)

If the kids have moved to another page and you are bored/dedicated enough to search through the pages to find them, you're looking for these pics of Mia and Jack (close up of their faces):
I feel pretty... Less cheeeeesy

Alternatively, you can amuse yourself for hours by looking at some of the outfits these poor children were forced into by their lunatic parents.

Thank you!

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