Saturday, 2 January 2016

*bong!* another new year's here

The good news is, this year I don't have the plague. I had a little bit of a chesty thing a couple of weeks ago, but nothing a couple of extra pillows and a Sudafed couldn't fix. We had a brilliant time at Disneyland Paris and I thoroughly enjoyed letting someone else do the Christmas day catering for a change. Christmas was go this year, and I'm feeling very happy about that.

In keeping with annual tradition, it's time for my List of Stuff. I'm always astounded when I actually do something that was on my last List of Stuff, mostly because I promptly forget all about it as soon as I hit "Publish."

Here's last year's bulleted list:
  • Getting stuck in a bit of a rut again and I'm starting to get bored. I need to find something new to do - take a course, go somewhere new, find a new hobby, take on a bit of extra work, etc.
Finishing my last contract and starting a new one definitely took away from the boredom. I also entered the exciting world of crochet. I went to a crochet class in April to learn how to do a granny square and ended up finishing two blankets and a doll by year end. We went to Lanzarote during May half term, which was a new destination for us. We absolutely loved it and are planning on going back this year. Disney for Christmas was a new adventure, too. I don't think I've ever gone away for Christmas before.
  • Totally and completely stop worrying about people who are not worth the energy, and focus a lot more on those who are. No matter how unjust, hurtful, or ridiculous some opinions are of me, they simply shouldn't matter. This is the only kind of detox that actually has any sort of purpose. 
Amazingly, I have done this. No longer do I agonise over party invites, Facebook posts, and other things that shouldn't need a second thought. Of course I still hate it when people get pissed off at me or when someone's decided to stop being friendly to me for no reason, but on the most part, I accept the fact that some people simply don't like me. And that some people are assholes.
  • See more dance/theatre. I've been gradually doing this more over the years and I absolutely love it. There is nothing like seeing a live performance. I was spoiled for choice back in Montreal and it's a bit more of a trek to see shows now, but it's only a short trip to London from here.
I didn't see any more shows than usual last year and I'd still like to make more of an effort to to do.
  • Get back into running. Weirdly, I enjoyed running - it was good to get outdoors, just me and my brain. There is a 24 hour running marathon happening here in the summer (each person does a 4 mile circuit, I think) and I'd like to take part. 
I did! But I kept getting injured, so I had to stop for a bit. But now I'm back to it! But then I pulled something in my hip and I have to decrease my distance until it's sorted. Anyhoo, my running has improved hugely over the past year, thanks to strength training and encouragement from the Godmanchester Running Club. I've run 5k three times now and have signed up for Wings for Life in May. I hope to do 10k for that one.

I came across this article via a friend and I love what she says about doing all the stuff you never got round to when you were younger. That's why I took up tap at age 44 and why I still want to learn how to play the cello one day. Give this a read.

Right so, this year:
  • Keep the training/healthy eating going. I've managed to do this since April and I'm both shocked and pleased. This is the first time in many, many years that I haven't started out the year fatter than ever and full of regret. I want to be stronger and healthier.
  • Run 10k in under an hour. Or maybe in an hour. I haven't decided yet.
  • Go to Canada for a visit this summer. I miss home. Lots.
  • I really need to finish that wrap thingy I started knitting ages ago. On a similar note, I'd like to get more into the yarny stuff and try out new things. Maybe I'll finally make a pair of socks.
Muscles, running, home, socks. Bring it on.