Friday, 5 January 2018

i've lost 365 days somewhere

What's been a year since I blogged? The hell, man? Right, let's get down to my annual "not resolutions" list of stuff for 2018.

Last year's list was:
  • Keep up the fitness stuff: I did! Still lifting heavy things three times a week, running, rollerskating, and taking tap classes. Look at me go. 
  • Take control of my yarny projects: Oh well, I definitely didn't do this. I still have a baby blanket to finish (baby was born last May!) and lots of other unfinished projects. I did manage to complete a few things, though. But yeah, the WIPs live on.
  • Work on the house: Nope, didn't really do this either. Added a few bits to "my" lounge and made some small changes but it's still in progress. I was just thinking this morning of putting money aside to do the family bathroom. I want a big, bubble bath worthy tub.
  • Improve my running: Yeah, no.
  • Okay body fat, it's time to go: There's probably less fat and more muscle on me now, but still a work in progress. I'm okay with that.
I can just duplicate this for 2018, can't I? Ah, I'll modify it a bit:
  • Body/gym: I think I've got a lot better at setting mini goals and found lots of things that help me stay on track (journalling, challenges, mindfulness, etc.) I'm now looking at building strength and getting lean. They seem like two opposing goals, but I think I have the right information to do it. I want to SEE the muscles that I'm building!
  • Budget: Like I said, I want to put money aside to do nice things to the house. I really want that big bath. I've been meaning to do a budget for months now, anyway.
  • Running: I do still want to get back into it regularly and work on my pace. I think there's a fine balance between running and lifting, and I need to make sure I don't overdo it and injure myself. I've signed up for two 10k races so far. 
  • Learn new things: piano, crochet and knitting skills, a language. Do all those things I keep saying "I've always wanted to learn how to..." about.

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