Sunday, 1 January 2017

but i only just got used to writing 2016 on everything

Christ on a bicycle, where did 2016 go? We've heard a lot about what a crappy year it's been, what with a lot of Gen X's favourites dropping dead, Brexit, and the fact that people voted for a Cheeto (with the IQ to match.) End of days. It can only get better, right? In related news, my nuclear bunker is coming along nicely.

So anyway, it's that time of year when I write a blog post about my yearly goal thingies. Here are last year's:
  • Keep the training/healthy eating going. I've managed to do this since April and I'm both shocked and pleased. This is the first time in many, many years that I haven't started out the year fatter than ever and full of regret. I want to be stronger and healthier.
Still at it, still amazed that I'm still at it. I've been doing a small group weight training session three times a week at the same lovely gym since April, and still eating well on the most part. In fact, I am eating a Terry's chocolate orange as I write this. I've started this year a little bit heavier than Jan 1 '16 by four pounds, so no biggie. I think the fact that I kept the weight training and running up all year has helped offset the copious amounts of prosecco and roast dinners I've consumed.
  • Run 10k in under an hour. Or maybe in an hour. I haven't decided yet.
Didn't manage this but I did manage to run three 10k races, a 1.7 mile relay, and several miles over four runs during the RUNGMC 24 hour relay this summer. I haven't been running regularly lately due to injury (runner's knee) so I need to build my speed up again this year.
  • Go to Canada for a visit this summer. I miss home. Lots.
We did! It was a bit (a lot) manic because we crammed in so much in less than two weeks, but we did it! Highlights: seeing family and friends is an obvious one but also seeing the kids having a blast with my parents, taking the kids to their first baseball game, eating all the Canadian things.
  • I really need to finish that wrap thingy I started knitting ages ago. On a similar note, I'd like to get more into the yarny stuff and try out new things. Maybe I'll finally make a pair of socks.
Oh that damn wrap. Still have one sleeve to go. I swear, that yarn is cursed. It was originally used for a blanket I started knitting for Mia when I was pregnant, which I frogged 8 years later to make this wrap. Meh, maybe I'll finish that this week. I never did do any socks, either.

My friend Mark (I got to see him this summer, yay! With tacos! Double yay!) posted a link to this article about not only setting goals, but setting systems for each goal. So, you don't just say "I want to travel more" you determine a system to get to that goal like saving up money for a specific trip. I like this a lot. 

For 2017, I give you my list of systems (hipster-sounding bollocks, but I like it):
  • Keep up the fitness stuff: stick with the gym, GO TO THE GYM (have been finding too many excuses lately and missing one session almost every week), don't skip the HIIT sessions. It's easy to skip those at the last minute without feeling like you've let others down because it's a big class - who will miss me? But in the long run, those classes make a big difference to my fitness. 
  • Take control of my yarny projects: finish or frog! I've got three (I think) on the go but want to get going with a couple of baby projects for my great nephew in March and my friend's little one in May. These long term unfinished projects hang over my head. 
  • Work on the house: Mark (him again) gave me some great feng shui advice via a long Facetime session and I came away with a list of things to tackle in certain rooms. You can visit his site "Sense of Space" here. Little changes that will have a big effect. I will go through that list but also, I want to make the front room truly a space I can call my own. It has furniture but no decor; no sense of comfort. I totally want a faux fur throw. Nobody stop me. The house needs a lot of final, personal touches after our big reno three (!!) years ago. Like the family room - again, it has furniture but that's about it. Couch, chair, TV, footstools, my lighty up twigs (I do love those.) I'm also after a drinks cabinet in the corner of the dining room because I've been far too influenced by "Mad Men." Anyway, this is a very long-winded way of saying "Make house lovely. Make a list. Follow list."
  • Improve my running: I've been making excuses to skip the running, too. Well, that and I've had various legitimate aches and pains. I need to stretch every day, especially with the weight training that I'm doing. I need to have a running plan: get back into running regularly 2-3 times a week then add one interval run per week, eventually building up to one interval run/one shorter run/one longer run. The aim is to run further at Wings for Life (the car chasing run) and faster at Chariots of Fire (team relay.) 
  • Okay body fat, it's time to go: the plan is to follow through with points one and four which should help lead to less of the wobble. I'm pretty good at the food bit but have found myself eating things Because They're There a lot lately. 
All of this will commence as soon as I'm rid of this hangover and I've eaten all the cheese in my fridge. Happy new year!