Monday, 15 June 2015

school daze

How I miss the days of nursery. Drop children off whenever, pick them up whenever(ish), no term breaks or summer holidays to fill up, no lunches to pack, no homework, and no letters home asking for random things.

These days, this is what every week is like for me:

  • Child 1: Homework given out Mondays and is due on Fridays. Every Wednesday she needs a change of clothing for outdoor learning.
  • Child 2: Literacy homework given out on Mondays and is due on Wednesdays, maths homework given out on Fridays and is due on Mondays.  Class swimming one term a year on Wednesdays. Costumes required for class assemblies, details of which will not be available until 8:00pm the night before via ParentMail. 
  • Child 3: Literacy and maths homework given out on Mondays or maybe Fridays or possibly Wednesdays depending on the phases of the moon. Child must wear one orange sock, but only on alternate Tuesdays on the third week of each month with the exception of the week before term break. All home project assignments must sit in a tray, completely forgotten until the day before the assignment is due. 
In addition:
  • Monthly requests will be sent to parents for specific and obscure objects that must be purchased if you don't want to look like a bad parent. Objects must be placed in a blue bag and left at the office by 8:59am on the fourth Friday of the month. 
  • All important meetings pertaining to your child and his/her school will only occur during office hours. 
  • Awkward small talk with people you don't really know/like is mandatory during all school runs.
I love my kids' school. I really do. But I am not mentally equipped to deal with all of the information required to have three children in primary school. Thank the gods for phone reminders and kitchen wall calendars, I say.

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Lisa S said...

Yes yes yes to all of that. Plus, despite all intentions and diatribes about how they need time to be bored our out of school schedule is insane. I am particularly looking forward to this Thursday - I have to pick T and J up at 3.15 and drive them to the next town (only 20 minutes) so that T can sprint in the county athletics, which goes on from 4-7 with no indication of when each race will be so every child has to stay for the duration. At 4.15, M finishes cricket club and has to be collected from the school - taking J with me but leaving T to do her race. I would like to watch her race if possible so we will then head back to the Athletics, until J has rainbows 530-630; then back to collect T from the Athletics that is 'expected' to finish around 7. Everybody needs to eat at some point; the earlier I can get the little ones to bed post 730 the more pleasant Friday is for everybody,
Tamsin is not doing her music lesson on completely the other side of town this week.
No wonder I drink gin.