Thursday, 26 February 2015

to my double digit boy


Ten! TEN! It's sped by but it also feels like it's been a million years since you arrived. Sometimes I think that you're so grown up and I forget that you're still a kid; you give me big hugs (several times a day) and need someone to come and tuck you into bed. You're not afraid to hold my hand as we walk to and from school together. Maybe you'll always need a hug from me but just in case, I'm cherishing every moment right now.

I love how you speak, like a young philosopher, and sometimes you say the most random and hilarious things. Your writing has come such a long way, to the point that your imagination and creativity are brightly shining through.

Despite trying to be the boss of your sisters (who are having none of it), you are gentle, kind, and caring towards them. I love that when we go on holiday, you and Mia usually share a room whether you need to or not. (Sorry Isla, I know you hate "sleeping by my own.")

You're argumentative, stubborn, and I'm sorry to say that you have entered the pre-teen eye rolling/deep sighing/stomping up to your room phase. But I can't blame you for any of that because I know where it comes from. I'm grateful that these moments are short lived, and out of the three of you, I'm the least worried about you. Please don't prove me wrong.

I read an article recently that said boys who are shown affection by their mothers are less likely to develop dementia when they're older. You can thank me for that later.

Jack, you are amazing and I still can't believe that you are partially my doing. I just couldn't love you more.

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