Tuesday, 6 January 2015

new year, new post

Hey, hi. How have you been? Me, I've had a horrible virus since day two of my Christmas holiday. It started with a flu and is carrying on like a clingy friend who won't leave your house after a party and is just making everything really awkward. I now have bronchitis but thankfully it seems to be improving a bit. But generally, it's been pretty shit.

This virus has meant no indulgence this holiday season. None. Not even a drop of anything on New Year's Eve. I still have a huge bowl of Quality Street in the kitchen. I have a fridge full of prosecco. I had to throw away the rest of the chocolate trifle. Sad times all round. On the plus side, I'm down 6lbs and haven't had a problem getting back on the good eating wagon this year. Yay?

I am, in all seriousness, heartbroken. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I feel like I've completely missed it. This bug has completely kicked my ass; I think this is the worst I've felt in a very, very long time. Not much I can do about it now, though. Think I need to plan something special to look forward to in the coming months.

Anyway, it's that time of year again - not resolutions because no one does that anymore, but my annual List of Stuff. Last year's list was:
  • Learn when to say no (and yes.) I'm terrible at delegating; my first instinct is to say yes to everything. On the other hand, I'm not always good at accepting social invitations and sometimes my instinct is to find an excuse not to go - then I do end up going and having a brilliant time. I suppose I just need to think a little more before giving anyone an answer. 
I think I'm a bit better at this now, but I know I found myself saying "Why the HELL did I say I'd do this?!" more than once last year.
Now the silly thing is, I probably do take a photo a day. I just didn't keep up the Flickr album but probably could complete if it I could be arsed. Which I'm not. Still need to learn how to use my camera properly.
  • Okay seriously now, get that weight off. This is getting silly.
Vintage and curves are really trendy right now, so I'll just keep on being trendy.
  • Figure out what to do for our 10th wedding anniversary.
We had a brilliant but incredibly busy holiday in California and renewed our vows on a beach in La Jolla. It was really wonderful, personal, and fun.
  • Continue with the organising and purging, starting with the mahoosive pile of paperwork that's been shoved in drawers in the spare room.
Oh yeah. I forgot about that pile.
  • Get back into knitting. Because I'm wild like that.
I did and then I stopped again, but I will get back to it.
  • Get my veggie plot going again.
Sort of did this, but realised that it's almost impossible to have a decent veg plot with a puppy who a) eats everything that isn't nailed down and b) digs like his life depends on it. Did manage to grow a couple of impressive courgette plants and spaghetti squash, though. 

Rightyo, now on to the List of Things for 2015:
  • Getting stuck in a bit of a rut again and I'm starting to get bored. I need to find something new to do - take a course, go somewhere new, find a new hobby, take on a bit of extra work, etc.
  • Totally and completely stop worrying about people who are not worth the energy, and focus a lot more on those who are. No matter how unjust, hurtful, or ridiculous some opinions are of me, they simply shouldn't matter. This is the only kind of detox that actually has any sort of purpose. 
  • See more dance/theatre. I've been gradually doing this more over the years and I absolutely love it. There is nothing like seeing a live performance. I was spoiled for choice back in Montreal and it's a bit more of a trek to see shows now, but it's only a short trip to London from here.
  • Get back into running. Weirdly, I enjoyed running - it was good to get outdoors, just me and my brain. There is a 24 hour running marathon happening here in the summer (each person does a 4 mile circuit, I think) and I'd like to take part. 
Happy new year! 

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Anonymous said...

Lisa you go girl. It's all about me. You need to take care of yourself and do things you enjoy. Everyone else (excluding your family) will have to be moved to the back burner. Keep the faith and have a happy 2015. Love Uncle Mike