Wednesday, 5 February 2014

my glamorous life

Poor Jack has been unwell for two weeks now. Well, I say "unwell" but he's actually been his normal self but with extra coughing and being sick for an awfully long time. Paul took him to the doctor for the second time and was sent home with a little plastic jar in a clear bag and instructions to get a sample from Jack to check him for stomach bacteria.

All morning I was willing Jack to have a poo when Paul was home because lord almighty, I did not want to be picking up poo and trying to stuff it into a tiny bottle. All of our kids are out of nappies now, I'm done with poo. I've got a horrible, hideous cold and I can't cope with such things at the moment. And of course I was the one who had to deal with it, in the middle of the afternoon when all three kids were home and the dog decided he was going to tear his bed apart and eat it.

So I shut Max in his crate, instructed the girls not to set anything on fire, and headed upstairs to put cling film over our toilet bowl. "You've heard of YouTube", I said to Jack, holding up the sample pot. "Now there's POO TUBE!" Much hilarity ensued, including using a very tiny little scoop that came with the pot to chase the poo around the cling film and having to put the sample in the fridge as it was too late to take it to the surgery.

We all found this pretty funny and really, you've just got to laugh. Otherwise, you will realise that you've just spent your afternoon scooping poo and you will fall into a deep depression.

And how was YOUR day?

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