Thursday, 2 January 2014

it must be that time of year again

If it's January 1st, it must be time for my annual post. I can save you some time by letting you know that I am still fat, still writing, and my house is a bit tidier. If you've got a moment to spare, the longer version follows.

I don't do resolutions. You should just aim to be a better person all the time and sort your shit out if/when you can. I guess what I put together each year is a wish list of things I hope to sort out, but if I don't, hey that's okay. There's always next year. 

My goals for 2013 were:

  • Again with the house decluttering and making bigger thing. The mess. Oh god, the mess. Make it go away.
Well excellent, we did manage to sort out this one. Making it out the other side of renovations has been cathartic. It was incredibly stressful but it was a great to get rid of a lot of things we didn't need, pass them along to others, and find space for the things we do need.
  • Stick to the damn diet. 
Holy crap, am I bad at this or what? Here we go again...
  • Keep writing. 
Still writing, although I didn't go for any new publications/sites last year.
  • Do something interesting.
I didn't do anything of interest because I was too damn tired and choking on plaster dust.
  • Spend less time online. 
I am very bad at this, too. It doesn't help that one of my gigs involves social media management.

And now, my goals for 2014, because everyone loves bulleted lists:
  • Learn when to say no (and yes.) I'm terrible at delegating; my first instinct is to say yes to everything. On the other hand, I'm not always good at accepting social invitations and sometimes my instinct is to find an excuse not to go - then I do end up going and having a brilliant time. I suppose I just need to think a little more before giving anyone an answer. 
  • This year, I WILL learn how to use my camera properly and do a photo a day:
  • Okay seriously now, get that weight off. This is getting silly.
  • Figure out what to do for our 10th wedding anniversary.
  • Continue with the organising and purging, starting with the mahoosive pile of paperwork that's been shoved in drawers in the spare room.
  • Get back into knitting. Because I'm wild like that.
  • Get my veggie plot going again.
Things I don't need to do this year:
  • Stress about things that aren't actually happening and things I cannot change. What the hell does this accomplish? Nothing. Move on.
  • Go outside of my comfort zone/do something daring or that I would never think I would do. I like being comfortable. And that's okay.
  • Think too much about what I see on Facebook. Because it's Facebook, you know? Real life is over there ----->

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