Tuesday, 12 March 2013

a mother of a day

I'm not sure why a lot of my friends and family back home get confused or are surprised that Mother's Day is much earlier here. I've been posting about it on Facebook every year since 2007, so obviously they are just not paying attention! The nerve.

So last Sunday was Mother's Day in the UK, which is related to Lent and Easter and is never on the same Sunday each year. Confusing, but it keeps you on your toes. It's always at some point in March; a bonus for me as my birthday's the 31st. Not that I demand much of anything or expect to be spoiled, I just love knowing I'll get at least two meals cooked for me one month out of the year.


All three made cards for me, which is something I absolutely love. Give me handmade any day over Hallmark. Mia's class did their Mother's Day-themed assembly on Friday, and she did so well. I love her painting of me - I look surprised and/or like I've had some work done. All the paintings were brilliant and met with tears of laughter. The school needs to update their Mother's Day song, though. It was something along the lines of, "You may not have any education, but you can cook well and that's good enough for me."


After the assembly, I went into work where a project manager greeted me with a bottle of fizz as thanks for my work on our latest release. What an excellent end to the week and start to the weekend! Our nieces came for a visit on Saturday for the night, which was a lovely treat - we don't see them very often. On Sunday, Paul cooked us an amazing roast dinner and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived at the door.

Each year when I talk about the lovely things that happen to me on Mother's Day, it invariably and unintentionally makes someone feel like crap. I know I'm lucky to be with someone who's thoughtful and loving, and I don't take that for granted. Life is not perfect by any means and we've been through a lot of sad, tough times together. I am very blessed to have three great kids, who make me laugh and smile every day, and who force me to take time out to enjoy life. Being a mum is something I didn't even know I wanted until I was in my 30s and I don't think I'm particularly good at it (I don't even iron anything, for god's sake), but I am a much better person for it.


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Lisa T said...

A perfect post from an admittedly imperfect mom (er...mum!).