Monday, 4 February 2013

this n' that

Went back to the nurse today to get my pointy finger examined and she said it was healing nicely. She also said it wouldn't be a problem if I took my wounded finger into a swimming pool, which is great news as we're off to Center Parcs this weekend. (Note: my in-laws are coming to stay here to watch the dog, so don't even think about robbing our house. And don't go off robbing my in-laws' house, either.) I won't venture down the water slides because bashing my finger probably isn't a good idea. I seem to have a knack for slamming only the injured portion of my finger into things over the past few days, and the children seem to be drawn to bumping into it or grabbing it. It's taken quite a lot for me not to swear.

In other news, I've deactivated my Facebook account. Which isn't really news, but I just thought I'd mention it in case you were worried that I'd been abducted by aliens or chained to a sewing machine at a Nike factory in Thailand. When it gets to the point when you're checking Facebook every few minutes (no matter where you are) and things as innocuous as people's statuses about their heart rate monitors* constantly wind you up, it's time for a break. My productivity levels were plummeting while my procrastination levels were skyrocketing. So, hopefully this will help on the productivity (and sanity) front.

In a similar vein, I'm very much looking forward to a break and a long weekend away with our family. January's been a bit of a bear, and a little chill out time and splashing around in a pool with our kids is what we need.

*My heart rate monitor pet peeve is regarding actual calories burned vs. what a monitor claims you burned, which is usually out by a factor of 10, give or take. But if you believe that you burned 900 calories in half an hour of pedalling a stationary bike, it honestly shouldn't matter to anyone else. There are far more important things to get annoyed about, like global warming and that horrible Tom Daley show "Splash".


Phillipa Loewen said...

Since my first thought was "What? No FB? How does that even work?"....I'm thinking a break would be a good thing for me as well.

Annalisa Barbieri said...

God you are so SELFISH deactivating your FB account. What about those of us who like to procrastinate by checking YOUR status. It's ALRIGHT FOR YOU.

Mrs Dee said...

I'm too busy being smug and fucking awesome! Bask in my greatness!

Jen said...

You certainly are smug, selfish and fucking awesome! (I do want to hug Annalisa right now)