Sunday, 17 February 2013

the week that was

I have been taking photos fairly regularly but just not getting them up on the blog as quickly as I'd like. So, instead of a photo a day (ish), here is a week (ish) in photos.

Last Friday-Monday we had a really lovely weekend in Center Parcs. On this particular morning, it felt like the longest, laziest morning ever - but it was only 9:30am. That was an amazing feeling.

Photo 09-02-2013 09 32 21 AM

Then we know what happened on Monday. I still expect to see Jasper in the kitchen or at the top of the stairs waiting for me. Isla thinks he's in the sky, literally. She keeps asking when he'll come back down.

On Thursday two dozen roses arrived at my office from Paul and on Friday, we had a delicious, uninterrupted meal at the Old Bridge Hotel. It was going to be a surprise on the night, but Paul told me ahead of time because he knew I needed something to look forward to. Horrible phone pic, but that's pork belly with a smoky bean and sausage stew of sorts, and parsnip mash.

Yesterday, my little boy had his 8th birthday party:


I cannot believe he'll be 8 on Friday. There's something about 8 that seems a little more grown up than 7.

Finally, today the sun came out and the look on Isla's face sums up how we all felt about that.

The sun finally came out!

It's been a long, emotional, difficult week but to feel the sun on our faces and spend the day enjoying our kids made things a little more bearable.

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