Monday, 18 February 2013


Today we went to the zoo. by Lisa Durbin
Today we went to the zoo., a photo by Lisa Durbin on Flickr.

Today we went to the zoo, and it was very cold. In this pic, Isla's pointing out all the letters on this sign that are in her name. Clever clogs.

She was SO excited to be here, but as soon as we got in, she kept asking "Where are the tigers?" (which are at the end of the little circuit around the zoo.) She'd look at each animal for about 10 seconds, albiet very excitedly, and then ask "Where are the tigers?" We finally got to the tigers and she was very impressed.

We then went to look at the camels, at which point Isla exclaimed "This is RUBBISH. I going." Which was fine by me because I couldn't feel my fingers and toes anymore by this point.

I don't know why I haven't been doing more things with Isla on our Mondays together. Actually yes, I do. I've been spending them getting caught up on errands that really could wait for another day, while Isla stares at the television. I have a terrible habit of being unable to prioritise and feel it necessary to complete this endless to do list in my head on my days out of the office. The fact is, we had time to wait for our Tesco delivery, go to the zoo, and do some cooking for the week ahead with plenty of time to spare. Granted, I totally forgot to sit Jack down to do his homework but hey - I'm just getting used to this new regime.

We have around 7 months left before she starts school and I lose my littlest daytime friend. Next Monday I'm going to take Isla swimming, and the Monday after that, we'll do something else. There is much more to life than laundry, washing dishes, and tidying toys. September will be the end of an era and I know it will come before we know it. Until then, we'll go visit the tigers.

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