Friday, 8 June 2012

coming to you live from my dining room

My friend Vero asked if I was going to do anything for the Jubilee weekend because someone from the CBC had been in touch with her about it. She wasn't doing anything so she couldn't participate in an interview, and passed my details along to the producer. They wanted to get an ex-pat's perspective on the festivities and I thought it would be good fun to participate.

I spoke to a couple of producers a few times to set things up and send over some photos. I was to do the interview via Skype. LIVE. Suffice it to say, I spent the day of the interview oscillating between blind panic and delirium. This was going to air live across my home nation, on one of our major networks - it's our equivalent of the BBC. With a very large G&T in my belly, I was ready to do the interview. Sort of.

10 minutes before the interview, a man's voice came over Skype asking if I could do an audio test and move my camera around. Oh and I should mention that 15 minutes before the interview, our Internet connection decided to stop working. That was hilarious. I think I was a bit stressed and was very likely quite rude to Paul about it all. Sorry, honey. And thanks for fixing it.

I could hear the anchor on the other end doing her news report and the commercials in between. The man came back to inform me that I was about to go live, and I think my stomach dropped to the floor at that point. I don't actually remember much about the whole thing, so seeing the interview for the first time was very much what it was like for those watching at home. It didn't come across as badly as I expected and now that it's all over, I did enjoy the experience.

I'm glad that I did it and was so appreciative of the positive comments from friends and family back home. The producer sent a copy of the clip to me, so I've got a keepsake I can bore my friends and children with until I'm old and senile and won't shut up about that day I was on the talking box.

So here it is. Watch and laugh at my strangely mutated accent:



Anonymous said...

You don't sound as Canadian as the anchor, but I guess that's what a decade in the UK does to you - I only noticed that she said "aboat" and you said "about"!

And I love that you mentioned cake about 45 times. No mention of bacon though?

Mrs Dee said...

I didn't mention Pimm's either! The shame!!! I need a do-over!